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"Welcome to Fredina's Anime Convention, the place for all otakus to enjoy cute girls and japanese food! If you're looking for hotties, good food, watching animes and making friends, the Convention is the place to be! Sign up today and get a discount on the Premium Week Ticket including interactions with the brand new anime animatronics designed by the one and only Cally3D!"

Sounds like a nice place to spend the day right? Well you aren't here for the day. You have the night watch, and the animatronics are eager to know more about you.

Despite it's suggestive topic and assets, the game is not NSFW and does not contain any nudity nor explicit content. There is no more NSFW DLC.
This game is a parody and is not intended to mean harm or any kind of mockery against any individuals. It's just for fun! (and challenge!) So please stay chill.

FNiA3D is a point and click survival game where you take place as a security guard in an anime convention in 2025 including suggestively designed animatronics to entertain otakus and do occasionnal concerts while they read mangas, watch animes and discuss about who of all the girl characters in the japan animation have the bigger pair of b*obs. You have the night watch, you are all alone in your small office, and have to avoid getting caught by the animatronics by using your cameras and doors. But be careful, you only have a limited amount of power!

(Nowadays everyone knows how FNaF 1 works, and this game works all the same, but I still made this description just for the sake of it, because it looks cooler on a game page.)

- Game design / Programming / Env Modeler : Vyprae
- Character design / modeler : CryptiaCurves
- Rigging : Brukas
- Voice acting : Shatzman_VO (as Phone Guy) , MagicalMysticVA (as Fredina?)
- Game based on the fangame FNiA by : Mairusu Paua
- Five Nights at Freddy's belongs to : Scott Cawthon
- Beta Test : Brukas, Opacity, Cainelup, HStudios

There will be no Android ports.

#fangame #fnaf #arcade #fnia #standwithscott #survival #pointnclick

StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(220 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
TagsArcade, Fangame, Five Nights at Freddy's, fnia, Point & Click


FNiA3D 1.1.0.zip 175 MB

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Yo he intentado descargar este juego y no podía, gracias, además acabo de crear cuenta hace unos segundos literalmente

es en serio no agas más juego porfa


Is 2.0 only be for patreons?

Played by Tjulfar: https://youtu.be/quiCo8h5SWQ?si=sE8-Yf0CoTshKu7E


will the game also be available for macos?


Question How often does Golden Fredina come up? Got to custom night and Have tried some easy ones to see if she could pop up but she hasn't yet

It's just luck, she appeared in my office like 2 or 3 times from Night 1 to Night 6. I'm not sure if the same applies to the new update though.

alright thanks, I've treid but still nothing yet , I must just have Crap RNG then XD


the porn is bigger than the game



is this vr or normal im retarted ok 

best game of the world




note! if you're thinking about using an autoclicker on the doors to open and close them at the speed of light, it doesn't work and will not save you from testicular torsion.



I know this is bonkers but.......vr port?


anny sex scenes in game?


nope T_T might be in the future tho



call me  purple guy because I'm going to stuff some kids in 

those animatronics


so what night is the most active?

and when will golden freddy come out

(1 edit) (+18)(-3)

My cock is purple right now. purple. thats right. because of this game. every single time i look up away from the cameras i INSTANTLY. get an erection. No joke! This game has seriously made me HARD. i mean this game is hard but IM HARDER. Honestly! Not even my WHORE wife who SLEPT with my BOSS could get me this hard! LOL! WHAT A BITCH!!! Anyways. Thank. YOU for this game. 🥺Please. Next time make them TAKE OFF THEIR CLOTHES!!! My dumbass step son tried to call me to come pick him up from soccer practice.. Call: DENIED! LOL! sorry "SON" I'm Gooning! 🤣🤣😂😂 I have an important meeting tomorrow but now i have an important MEATING if you GET WHAT I MEAN!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂


you're going on my list little bro





Update 2.0 (beta 2.1)


1) update quality
2) skins

Old content

classic gameplay fnaf

Giant minus, again no content nsfw

Not counting skins, it's not even content, it feels like just mods.
The game is still 16+ and no more(not counting the futa skins).
No sex scenes, just the usual fnaf fake.
But this is only a beta, maybe in the future there will be more content related to nsfw.

But i no see in the roadmap nsfw content work.

again I'm just waiting for this game for that content alone.

You can check update in trello in a patreon.


soon enough there will be fanart for this


Son, I need to tell you something ...

put it as chrome

пародия на пародию по фнаф чёё?



Could Do Android Mobile?



Understood, but I don't take No for an answer.


If you want an Android port, pay someone to make it or do it yourself with the creator's approval


Thank you so much for saying this :'( <3

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A surprisingly hard fangame sometimes felt unforgiving but do try it out, also does anyone know if you're meant to have something else besides your paycheck under "various times" in the extras menu? or is it just not released yet?



File Name: FNIA3D & NSFW DLC (v1.1.0)

File Size: 310mb

I found this on my pc, read the text file and have fun :).


Thanks you so much


Appreciate it

(1 edit) (+3)

Oh my GOD!!! Thank you!! My stupid step SON keeps calling me back to back to pick him up from soccer practice. Sorry "SON" Your real dad shouldn't have KILLED HIMSELF!! LOL!! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Then he could pick you up!


una loba en el armario tiene ganas de salir, AUUUUUUU.


Better than the original games


Now what happens if you get caught? Do they have sex with you? 






This is not a NSFW game! the creator says!

Five Nights Fanmade Series


there was a loading screen tip that said "Winning some nights give a reward." Is there actually any "rewards"


make fnia3d 2


The animatronics are very good and very hot


man I love this game! I hope to see more in the future.


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